Special Projects

From time to time our clients ask for a little something more.

From custom conservation framing to lighting to sculpture bases and display covers, we are proud to offer bespoke solutions based on your needs and our experience.

Steel strip frame

Brief: A recent acquisition of a large canvas slated for a high visibility location needing a frame. Responding to the architecture and palette within the painting, we proposed, designed and fabricated a gun-metal black / blue steel strip frame with a dark grey spacer. A clean classic appearance that subtly delineates and sets off the painting from the wall.


Walnut & linen frames

Brief: With a fully updated and renovated office the client wanted to update the frames of some smaller works in the collection. Our solution was a elegant little custom profile milled in Walnut wood paired with a seamless custom linen liners. These frame were a study in elegance the highlighted the paintings, while complimenting the interior.


Plinth and acrylic cases for bronze statues

Brief: With the lobby renovation of an office tower complete, the client need to have a bronze statue transported and installed in its new home. With a desire to both showcase and protect the work, we designed, fabricated and installed the life-size work permanently in the foyer. Raised on a secured wood plinth the works stands proudly behind a acrylic case. A engraved brass plaque completes the project and offers the public insight into the work before them.


Mahogany and brass easels

Brief: A private collection grown beyond available wall space. With ready made easels deemed insufficient, we designed and fabricated a bespoke solution that meets the needs of the clients and provides a tasteful stand to display their growing collection. Milled from Mahogany stained oxblood red, with brass hardware, the design of the easels blends in and compliments an existing interior while providing a sturdy base to display a lovely collection.


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